• In June, 1900, the first automobile to enter Yosemite made it to both Yosemite Valley and Glacier Point.
  • In 1903, Buffalo Soldiers in Companies “K” and “L” spend their first full summer tour of duty in Yosemite after riding for over two weeks from the Presidio of San Francisco. The same year, President Theodore Roosevelt visited the park and spent time with famed author and conservationist John Muir.
  • In 1903-1904, the Sierra Club built Le Conte Memorial Lodge in Yosemite Valley.
  • In 1905, the boundaries of Yosemite National Park were re-drawn and the amount of land in the park was reduced.  In 1906, the State of California retroceded all the lands of the original 1864 Yosemite Grant back to the federal government to become part of Yosemite National Park. Captain Harry C. Benson of the U.S. Cavalry was superintendent of the park.
  • In 1907, the Yosemite Valley Railroad took visitors to El Portal where they boarded a stage – later a motorcoach – for Yosemite Valley.